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Barnstormer ESB
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Produced as a WWI trainer in 1916, the famous Jenny proved the foundation of the Curtiss-Wright Company. Thousands of these biplanes in various models were built in the U.S. and Canada, introducing a new generation to flying.

After the war, adventurous barnstormers could buy a surplus Jenny for $500 and head out on the circuit. The mass of bracing posts and wires were useful for wing walking and stunts. After a hard landing in a farm field, the simple craft was easy to repair. The Jenny and barnstormers served to take aviation out to an appreciative public in towns and cities across the country.

There are several restored Jennies still flying.

This Barnstormer Extra Special Bitter is not for short hops and high speed.  The bi-plane balance of malt and the finest Yakima hops produces a pure “Northwest Bitter” that is for low speed passes and savoring.  The golden color is as welcoming as a farmer’s field, the full flavor as full of character as the intrepid pilot.  Expect an adventure in taste with an ale that is distinctive and classic.