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Lockheed designed this extraordinary strategic reconnaissance aircraft for production flight in 1964. The highest and fastest flying aircraft in history, this plane introduced new structures, materials, advanced engines, and control systems. The SR-71 set a world speed record of 2,193 mph, and flew at a sustained altitude of 85,069 feet.

Due to its special requirements, the Blackbird was expensive to keep in military operation. Retired from USAF inventory in 1989, the Blackbird still has no equal and no successor. These magnificent aircraft can be seen on display in several U.S. flight museums.

The distinctive creamy brown head and dark body are reminiscent of a supersonic aircraft breaking through cloud cover.  A variety of special malts and hops combine with pale malted barley for a high-speed taste.  The smooth and chocolaty, almost coffee-like flavors provide a nice ride at high altitude.