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Clipper IPA
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This venerable pale brew has the remarkably strong and bitter flavor required for long legs over the Atlantic and Pacific.  The strength of hop bitterness with citrus overtones balanced with a wonderfully aromatic bouquet is similar to the balance of power and elegance that helped the Clipper open international trade routes.  The deliciously round and lingering aftertaste is global.

The magnificent Boeing 314 flying boat led the way in opening up international travel routes. It was the largest, most luxurious civil aircraft of its time, carrying 74 passengers, or 40 on long night flights.

Dubbed the Dixie Clipper, the Pan American plane established the first Trans Atlantic schedule mail and passenger flights in May 1939. In its relatively short but exotic service, the aircraft also introduced routes across the Pacific and into Asia.

None of these marvelous flying boats survives.